Wardrobe Declutter - Clutter Therapy

by DoNotUse
6 years ago

Lesley came to help me with my wardrobe declutter. She carefully explained the process and guided me through what was a fabulous couple of hours. She is amazing and not once did I feel under any pressure to “get rid of” or “hang on” to any piece. She just carefully and skilfully helped me to make my own mind up and apply the techniques. We used some gorgeous new hangers that take up absolutely no room in the wardrobe and I love the new clothes folding so that I can get loads in a draw but see everything. I feel cleansed and lighter and I actually don’t feel the need to buy anything new, even though I got rid of 4 bags of clothes. I love the things that I have and I re-discovered things I had forgotten about. I am even going to see whether a dress agency will take a few items, that’s another first. Absolutely brilliant, thanks Lesley, a great start to a new me.