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Who am I and why decluttering and organising?

Hi, I'm Lesley Naylor. I started Clutter Therapy because I am passionate about the way clutter can spoil the way we live our lives. It takes up space in our homes and in our minds. It can add time to your day and cause stress and confusion. It can stop us moving on with our lives and what we want, or need to do next! It’s not just about the clutter; it’s about how people live and work.

I have also moved house many times, with and without children, so I know how hard it is, particularly if you don't have family close by. I also understand how important it is to stage your home for sale and I love helping people get their property ready for viewings or organise a home after a big move.

I am a Mum of 3 and I know only too well how busy everyday life can be. My children are all older now but I have lived through all the toys, fads, university comings and goings and stages of stuff!

As well as being a professional organiser I have lots of hobbies. I love to shop for and paint old furniture, I enjoy sewing, sing in a fun choir and, play hand bells and with friends. You know what they say if you need something doing ask a busy person!

My History

I worked in additional needs education for almost 20 years with children from 7 years old to young adults of 18, where I experienced the frustrations of disorganisation first hand. The problem solving aspect of that work really helps me now, in my decluttering and organising, as every situation and every client is so different. I have also spent time working as an activities manager for a large private care home, which has given me a huge insight into the problems of downsizing for older people with illness or disability and the pressure this can cause families. At these times a new person can find solutions and a bring a different perspective.

I have always loved tidying, I remember my mum making tidying fun. She loved the ritual of storing clothes when the seasons changed! My favourite thing was sorting out her jewellery box! I think this work has always been calling me and I love it!


I love the stories client’s possessions prompt. Meeting new people and helping them to achieve an organised room, shed, loft, wardrobe, home or workplace is very fulfilling. It’s not about being minimalist, unless that’s your style, it’s about loving your space and cherishing your favourite things. Clutter therapy is a trustworthy and confidential service, share your vision for a decluttered space with me. Let's achieve it together.

The feeling of leaving something better than I found it is enormously rewarding!


Lesley Naylor
Professional Declutterer and Organiser


My Approach

My Story

What does Clutter Therapy offer?

Do you hesitate to ask people to the house?

Do you need help organising your collections?

Do you need help with a transition, a change in circumstances?

Are you putting your house on the market and need help decluttering and staging prior to sale?

Has your spare room become a dumping ground?

Have you forgotten what’s in the loft but are thinking of adding value to your home by adding a bedroom?

Perhaps you’re downsizing and don’t know where to start?

Has decision making got you in a muddle and you don't know where to begin?

Do you need help with organising a room, wardrobe, toy room; in fact any space?

Have your grown up children flown the nest and left all their belongings behind?

Do you need help to empty a relatives house, perhaps because of ill health?

Clutter therapy can help with all of these things and more. Support, advice and encouragement, get in touch, let's sort it out.

Let Clutter Therapy declutter your space and free your mind!

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