Terms & Conditions - Clutter Therapy

Decision making, Advice disclaimer

Be assured that all the decisions are yours, I am very happy to give advice and help, it is your decision whether these ideas are implemented.  The decision is always yours as to whether you keep or discard an item. I will help you to reuse, re-purpose, auction or recycle wherever possible.

Deposit, for session and cancellation

A deposit of 20% will confirm the booking, due up to 1 week before. This is non-refundable, as if a session is cancelled, with short notice, a replacement session would be extremely difficult to arrange.

If possible the deposit will be moved to another session. If you have to cancel a booking, please contact me as soon as possible.

If a session is cancelled with no replacement made, less than 48 hours before a booking, then 50% of the session cost will be charged.


Clutter Therapy is a confidential service. It is ICO registered and I have a current DBS certificate.

I may ask you to consider giving Clutter therapy a testimonial for the website, which can be anonymous. These help others thinking about decluttering trust the service as it may be something they are considering for the first time. I may also ask to take before and after photographs, which I will give to you, and with your consent use for advertising purposes.


The charge is £30 per hour, a minimum booking of 3 hours is recommended for a usual decluttering session but if this feels too long for you get in touch!

Home staging for house sale or special occasion is £30 per hour, a recommendation pack or other sessions will be agreed with the client. Where possible no charge will be made for taking items to charity. The consultation is usually by telephone, however I do provide a visit to local addresses or we can arrange to meet if you prefer.

Payment is by BACS, cash, card payment or cheque on the day the session is completed.


If required I can recommend other services, but cannot be held responsible for their performance.

Moving and handling

I am fine to help you move smaller furniture but I cannot move large, very heavy items, if you have things like this in your house it’s a good idea to have willing helpers on hand. Also because of the nature of the decluttering I wear shoes and would advise clients to do the same.


It’s always good to recycle items you no longer need. I am happy to deliver to charity or organise pick-ups from charitable organisations but all items removed are at your discretion. Once the items have left the house it isn’t possible to retrieve them.

I will help to separate items which are suitable for the recycling centre and help to load your car if required, however I do not hold a waste handlers licence so cannot take them myself. If you would like me to accompany you to the centre I am happy to do so.

What I do

We work together to declutter and organise your space. We will move at your pace and any decisions on what to keep and what to let go are yours.

I will clean as I go however Clutter Therapy is not a cleaning company. My time will mainly be spent decluttering and organising your space.


It is preferable for pets to be out of the way if possible, this is mostly for their comfort and safety. If you decide to have your pets present during our sessions, it is at your own risk.


I hold indemnity and public liability insurance, however during decluttering I do not accept responsibility for breakages.

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