Costs - Clutter Therapy

What it costs

  • The charge for decluttering is £30 per hour. A minimum session is 2 hours
  • Virtual decluttering and organising online consultations, via zoom or facetime are available. These are very popular and really great for asking all those questions that you struggle with at home. They are 1 hour sessions for target setting, advice and accountability. This service is also available as a phone consultation
  • Online home staging and advice is £30 for an hour session. I also offer advice on the telephone if this is something you'd prefer please get in touch. This is something I strongly recommend if you are planning to put your home on the market in the future
  • Home staging is also £30 per hour or if you prefer I offer a consultation and advice pack for £65. I go through the house with you looking at all areas and making recommendations and suggestions to prepare your home for sale, or looking at possible reasons why your house sale is taking a long time. Home staging can make a huge difference, both in how much money you ask for your house and how quickly it sells
  • I offer a free 30 minute local consultation in person to discuss what you would like me to help you with or we can chat on the phone
  • Travel costs are included, however any journeys over 20 miles are charged at 45p per mile after that
  • if you are happy to donate items to charity i will take these on the dat of the session at no extra cost
  • Talks and workshops are available at £50 and are usually 45 minutes to an hour long and lots of fun
  • I include smaller items such as refuse bags and bags for charity donations in the cost of the session

As you can imagine there are many possible variations to a decluttering and organising session, so please get in touch if you have any questions!