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Decluttering your space...

Decluttering is the removal of items from an untidy of overcrowded space! Together we will work to sort through the clutter and give you back your home, shed, loft, toy room, wardrobe or workspace. It is often a very enjoyable process and it helps you to understand how in the future you might approach decluttering yourself. Decluttering and organising sessions can also be done online. I offer sessions of an hour and look at giving advice, target setting, answering questions and accountability.

How do you do that?

We would have an initial chat on the telephone to discuss what you would like to achieve. This helps me to get a idea of the type of package that would suite you best. A minimum decluttering session is usually 3 hours but we can discuss a longer  or shorter session.  If the decluttering or organising session is for a particular reason contact me and we can have a chat. The sessions can be flexible, whatever suits you, every client is different.

What happens during a session?

I usually like to start with the area that will make the most difference to you. Sorting and clearing together. I supply bags for recycling to charity, recycling or disposal, however if you have a particular area in mind please let me know. For instance if you would like to organise your wardrobe and clothes we can do that together and it takes much less time and is much more enjoyable than struggling through on your own!

Will I have to get rid of lots of things?

No, not at all. This is much more about what you keep than what you discard. Quite often people rediscover lovely things that have been hidden from view for a long time. I love it when that happens! I will help you evaluate the items you own to see whether it is something you would like to keep and perhaps display or let go of. Letting go of things you don’t use, need or even like is very freeing!

Do you recycle?

Yes whenever possible, I can take items to the charity shop for you, or arrange collections from charities if necessary. Though I cannot take discarded unusable things to the local tip or recycling centre as I don’t have a waste handler’s licence. However, I will bag up and prepare bags for you to take and help you to load your can if you like?

I feel embarrassed about showing you my cluttered home or space.

Please don’t be. This is something I really enjoy and helping you towards a time when this is no longer the case is why I work in this area. An organised home is a joy everyday.

Can you advise me on what to keep? I’m afraid of throwing away something valuable.

We will talk through decisions together, but the decision is always yours. I am not a professional valuer, however I have a lot of experience and may be able to advise you on what needs further investigation or what to sell rather than give away. This is something that is more easily covered in a consultation as I understand how difficult letting go can be. Selling items is very fashionable at the moment and I love to recycle, however you have to equate that with how much of your time it could take! I have also helped some clients place items for auction.


All work is confidential. The relationship I have with my clients is very important to me as I know how difficult it can be for some people to ask for help.

If there are any questions about decluttering that have not been covered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Home Downsizing

How can you help me downsize to a smaller house?

Downsizing can be difficult. It depends on your situation, but usually this requires a plan. We would meet for an initial visit to assess the situation. You may need to sell items, particularly larger items of furniture, or rehome or recycle them. I can help you with decluttering and, if you like, stage your house for sale. Depending on the circumstances, this can be challenging for the client, but I understand and will help you to decide what to keep and what to discard. It’s a journey, but with support, it is possible.


Organising after a decluttering session...

Once we have decluttered a room or space we can work together to organise, staging your home after decluttering is very enjoyable and gives you a real sense of achievement!

What is meant by a personal organiser?

A personal organiser puts systems in place to make life easier. After a decluttering session they can create systems so that everyday life becomes simpler. For example making a kitchen work better for you so that things are easy to find and the flow of the kitchen is better. Most of us have far too many gadgets.  I have organised many things as part of a decluttering session that were nothing to do with the initial booking! Including sourcing and ordering a wedding dress!

If, when we have completed decluttering, you decide that you need help in redesigning your space, or you have other organisational issues, this is something we can talk about!  I can help.


Recommendations & Advice Pack

Recommendations and advice packs are available...

Once we’ve had an initial chat on the telephone about what you need we would arrange a one hour consultation. I can give you lots of tips and hints on practical ways you can declutter your home and show it at its best. I would also prepare an action plan for you to follow.  This will help you to move forward with your project. We can also think about planning furniture and a layout for your new room if you like?

There are many reasons why this might be a good option for you. Perhaps time is an issue so organising in small chunks with small manageable tasks is preferable, or you are moving home and you would like a plan to follow? Get in touch if you think this option would work for you.

Staging a Home for Sale

How would you help me to stage my home?..

Staging a home for sale means showing it to its best advantage, so that prospective buyers can see themselves living there or the possibilities! People often find it difficult to see past what’s already there and therefore put in an offer. Also, decluttering before you move saves time and money. Why pay a removal company to move things you don’t actually want? I also help to home stage as an online service. Giving advice and ideas to help stage your home for sale and increase the chance of a faster sale.

I have a special package for people planning to sell their home. I meet with you for a 1 hour consultation and make recommendations. I then prepare a plan for you to follow . If you prefer I can declutter with you and help you to show your home at its best? I also believe that a better financial gain can be made from a clutter free tidy house! It helps you to spot those little jobs that make all the difference! this service is also helpful if your home is already on the market but is taking a long time to sell.

Are there any other types of staging?

Yes. I absolutely love staging for events such as parties, Christmas or special visitors. I really enjoy decorating Christmas Trees but the list is endless! I love it! Let me take the strain.

Staging a new home

I can also come to your new home and help unpack and organise, this can be a stressful time so many hands make light work! especially if you have a young family or lifting and carrying is difficult?






Workshops & Talks

Group talks...

I deliver talks to organisations about my work, decluttering and professional organising is a relatively new profession and many people are interested in how it works! Just contact me and we can discuss what you would like.

I can also deliver workshops to help people get more organised.  This is very helpful, very interactive and a lot of fun!

Get in touch and we can have a chat about what it is you would like!



Found what your looking for?..

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