Wash Day Blues Everyday?

Does Your System of Washing Clothes Leave You Cluttered and Overwhelmed?

In my experience as a professional organiser, I often come across people who are struggling to keep up with their laundry. They're left exhausted by the never ending washing, drying, ironing and folding. They have lots of washing baskets, of varying sizes, containing different stages of laundry! They also buy new clothes because it's too difficult to find something to wear! This prompted my to blog, something I haven't done before, so I hope you find this useful!
The most important thing is a good routine, then even if things get busy, as life does, it's easy to get back on track!

Top Was Day Tips!
1, Avoid washing whenever possible. Just hanging clothes up once you've worn them will really help. Things like dresses and trousers can stand being worn a few times. Don't be tempted to put tem on the chair, to put away tomorrow, the creases will jump on in there and you'll wash it again!(I know, Done it). Put it away straight away. Tough love, the floor isn't filling system! Good habits reap rewards!
2, Don't over dry in the tumble dryer, it makes them impossible to iron.
3, Always fold asap after drying, it really helps!
4, Sort and put things away that don't need ironing asap! This declutters your space and that sense of accomplishments encourages you to do the rest!
5, Iron whilst watching a favourite film with a cuppa or glass of wine!! Try not to have an ironing room upstairs out of the way. It just takes over a room in your house and feel really oppressive! If you have children, my suggestion would be to iron with them in the room, maybe whilst watching TV. You never know where it will lead start them on handkerchiefs, hopefully they'll start taking over! You're teaching them good habits and they won't assume the washing fairy did it!
6, Buy less stuff! Declutter clothes regularly to get back in control and manage time more productively! Sounds straight forward I know, but it works!

Happy Laundry Day!
Need help to get back in control or want to learn about alternative folding ideas to save space? Let me know!